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June 30, 2008


Take five moms, give them a Chevy Tahoe Hybrid SUV, add wireless internet access in the vehicle, a GPS system, cutting-edge cameras and video recording technology, video games, music, gasoline, hotel stays, food, mainstream media covering the road trip on the internet & television - and see what happens as these hilarious and irreverent women drive coast to cost, picking up their fellow SV Moms Group Contributors and blogging it all on the road.....  Seriously, you will NOT want to miss following these bloggers as they make their way across the country, from Northern Virginia to San Francisco.

Here is a video from Katie Couric of CBS Evening News with a few words to Silicon Valley Moms Group mommy bloggers and our mom road trippers:


Silicon Valley Moms Group has partnered with Six Apart to enable, amplify and share our journey across America.

Come Meet SV Moms Group Contributors participating in our first-ever, Silicon Valley Moms Group Road Trip '08: 

Dates and details about the trip:

July 6, 2008: Five selected contributors from SV Moms Group will begin blogging and video blogging (vblogging) about their upcoming road trip from Virginia, DC, Chicago and Loveland to San Francisco.

July 11, 2008:  Devra will receive the Chevy Tahoe Hybrid frm General Motors

July 12, 2008: Devra and Sarah from DC Metro Moms Blog will drive from DC to Chicago.

July 13, 2008:  Devra and Sarah will pick up Meagan from Chicago Moms Blog and drive to Omaha, Nebraska.

July 14, 2008: Devra, Sarah and Meagan will drive from Omaha to Denver.

July 15, 2008:  Devra, Sarah and Meagan will pick up Aviva from the soon-to-launch Rocky Mountain Moms Blog and drive to Salt Lake City.

July 16, 2008:  Devra, Sarah, Meagan and Aviva will drive from Salt Lake City to Reno.

July 17, 2008:  Devra, Sarah, Meagan and Aviva will drive from Reno to Silicon Valley, where they will pick up Jill Asher from Silicon Valley Moms Blog for the last thirty miles of the trip.  From Palo Alto, the six SV Moms Group contributors will drive to San Francisco.... where they will join 100 other contributors from SV Moms Group for a party in San Francisco that evening. Over the next few days will be more Silicon Valley Moms Group events and attendance at the BlogHer conference.

Beth Blecherman (Techmama) from the Silicon Valley Moms Blog will be tech blogging (behind the scenes) about some of the technology used on the Road Trip.


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MJ Tam

This sounds exciting! I can't wait to follow you guys around in my laptop :-). Good Luck!


So jealous! You guys are gonna have a BLAST!


How exciting! I'll definitely be following your adventure. Have fun!

Lawyer Mama

Dudes! What will you be doing in Omaha? My parents live there. I may have to force them to come meet up with you & get their pics taken. (-;

kim/hormone-colored days

Have a fun and safe trip!

I hope the car has OnStar-it rocks.


We will have On-star as well as All American Car-i-oke as given to us by www.momsminivan.com! Maybe the On-Star folk will sing with us too!


not sure why the url didn't hyperlink, but it's probably my fault. http://www.momsminivan.com let's see if that works. If it doesn't, then I'm out of gas!


Sounds amazing! Enjoy and I will enjoy reading about your adventures!

the Farmer's Wife

I can pack you a picnic lunch that you can pick up on your way out of Chicago. What do you say?

- Suzanne, the Farmer's Wife


Holy crap, you all made Guy Kawasaki's blog!

shannanb aka Mommy Bits

That sounds like so much fun. I so wish we had a mom's blog here in the KY/OH area.

Can't wait to follow you.


Aw quit bragging! A car without a car seat? Where I can choose the tunes? I am bright green with envy!

Have fun, y'all!

michelle lamar

If you give me your cell phone numbers, I'll arrange a calling tree to call you guys at 10 minute intervals so we can ask you questions such as:
"Are we there yet?"
"How much longer?"
"I have to go to the bathroom."
"She is touching me. Make her stop."

Just so you'll feel like you are REALLY on a road trip.

michelle lamar

OMG. P.S. Will make a special road trip toon fest if you can download it from itunes. Or maybe I will just send it to Denver as I don't think I can get it done in time before you leave Devra. How cool!


Michelle, we will be having Zunes in our car. But we could download from itunes and burn onto a CD. What a fabulous idea!


WHAT? No NYC drive-by? C'mon, Devra. Steer that boat up north before you hit Chi-Town.


I am so excited to hear all about the trip! Devra you are going to have a ball!

Kim/hormone-colored days

Love the Katie Couric video!!

Adventures In Babywearing

How fun and sweet was that? And I really would like those shoes.


Cindy La Ferle

Darn it ... Wish you could come to the Detroit area. We've got all kinds of movie stars hanging around in Michigan these days, with the tax break for filmmakers ... Good luck to all! And Meagan, say good things about our Midwest and home state!

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