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June 28, 2008

SV Moms Group: Road Trip Press Release

Silicon Valley Moms Group Goes On A High-Tech Road Trip To BlogHer
Follow along as five moms drive cross-country with their laptops, videocameras, and internet access…and no kids.

For Immediate Release:

San Francisco, CA – July 11, 2008 

Five moms. Zero kids. One week. 3,000 miles to go.


In this Web 2.0 version of “Thelma and Louise” (minus the fiery crash at the end—unless things get really out of control), a group of five women bloggers will drive cross-country to the annual BlogHer conference, while journaling their experiences in real time via blogging, photo blogging, and video blogging as well as interaction with their audience via comments, conversations and social media like Twitter and Facebook.


Starting in Washington, DC on Saturday, July 12; and ending up in San Francisco, CA on Thursday, July 17 with stops in Chicago, Omaha, Denver, Salt Lake City, and Reno along the way; the Mom Road Trip (www.momroadtrip.com) will provide a truly multi-media, interactive look at a journey you won’t want to miss.

The trip, developed in partnership with SixApart, (www.sixapart.com), is already attracting buzz in the blogosphere and beyond. A "welcome to the trip" video featuring Katie Couric has been loaded to the site to kick things off and the bloggers will be featured on CBS affiliates starting with appearances on the local CBS news in both Washington, DC and Chicago.


The road trip participants were selected from the Silicon Valley Moms Group, a collaborative community of writers from nine blogs in regions across the US. The blog network takes a unique look at the frustrations, joys, and humor of modern motherhood.

“What started out as a small idea that came to me one night while I was in bed trying to sleep has now blossomed into MomRoadTrip, a hilarious and irreverent website featuring moms sharing their experiences on the road through blogging technology,” says Jill Asher, Co-Founder of Silicon Valley Moms Group

To find out more about Silicon Valley Moms Road Trip ’08, go to http://momroadtrip.com.

SV Moms Group Media Contact

Jill Asher, Co-Founder

e: momroadtrip@yahoo.com


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