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April 05, 2009

Ready, aim

Mail.google.com I am pleased as punch that there is now a dad here on the L.A. Moms Blog, because I have a question to put to him.  Actually, it is a question to all the men out there who read me (all seven of them) on behalf of mothers of sons everywhere.

Is it really that hard to aim?

To us women, it looks like a simple matter of point and shoot.  Frankly, it’s not like this is some sort of precision sport; the target is pretty darned big.  I think that, if I had the proper equipment, I could probably hit that target while simultaneously updating my Facebook status. 

So, please, can one of you men explain to me why my bathroom smells like a New York City subway station, circa 1992?  Why do I find suspicious yellow marks on the walls, the floor, and the light fixtures? 

While we’re at it, why does a child who has been trained for two years suddenly stop lifting the seat?  Is it really that much extra effort?  He’s already lifting the lid, for heaven’s sake.

Please, oh men of the internet, help a girl out here.  Because I’m on my way in there with a mop, and there’s no telling whether I’ll make it out alive.

This is an original post for L.A. Moms Blog.  When she is not cleaning the bathroom, Emily blogs at Wheels on the Bus.


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