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April 18, 2009

A Love Letter to Blanca

IMG_0010 A Love Letter to BlancaSince we had a baby, we’ve never had regular help. My husband and I are both entrepreneurs working from home offices, so we have thus far taken turns caring for our daughter. Except Saturdays, which have become my favorite day of the week, because Blanca is here, which seems to make the chaos of everyday so much more manageable. At the risk of sounding bougie, I don't know what I'd do without her.

Here are my top Ten Reasons that I love Blanca:

1. She is the size of an 11 year-old with feet so tiny she has to shop at Gymboree. When I see her shoes on the landing, sometimes I wonder if a friend stopped by with her little girl. Ah, but then a calm comes over me because I know that my house will soon be under control, that I will shower that day and likely sit down for breakfast. How can someone this tiny make such a giant difference?

2. CleanUtainment. Blanca has this very entertaining way of cleaning and playing with my daughter at the same time. She puts my little girl in her Fisher Price cart with wheels and together they hold the vacuum and chase dust bunny’s.  Then they bang plastic plates together and empty the dishwasher. I’m taking notes. Seriously, where did this woman come from?

3. She does stuff I don’t even ask for and then asks me, “is it okay that I cleaned out the 3-week old broccoli from the veggie drawer?” Are you kidding me? This is love.

4. Selective sharing. She shares her own story with me when I ask, but does not spend a lot of time involving me in her life. I have found sometimes that this can happen, and I end up feeling terrible and getting wrapped up in a legitimately sad story for an hour. Blanca answers if I ask after her kids – but otherwise, it’s about me, and she has no idea how much I need that one day a week. As a result, I really want to know what's going on with her family and if there are ways I can help.

5. Saturdays have become the day I go to my husbands rowing class , dive into unfinished work projects, grab lunch with a friend and run errands (oh let’s face it, I floss my teeth, shave my legs and cruise Strollertraffic). There isn’t a single other day of the week when all those things can happen within 6 hours (or without guilt.)

6. My daughter smiles, giggles and coo’s with Blanca. They seem to speak “baby” together whether they are changing diapers, playing blocks, eating mushy sweet potato or swinging in the hammock. Blanca talks in this high pitched voice that quite honestly even makes me giggle and coo (my husband says I start speaking like her when we're on the phone...the Madonna affect at work.)

7. I don’t feel guilty for taking a nap or getting on Twitter to see what Demi or  Mariel are up to.

8. Blanca is affordable. For under $100, my house is cleaned while baby is sleeping, baby is happy while mommy is sleeping in, and by about 1pm I feel like the world is under control. 

9. She knows stuff I don’t know. With two kids of her own, and without making ne feel like a doh-doh, she offers help where I am clearly struggling, and makes me think I thought of it myself. Smart cookie.

10. She hugs, kisses and adores my angel as much as a non-parent could. 

I never thought this itsy bitsy woman from Guatemala would change my life with just one day a week, but somehow she has.  My family never had help growing up so hiring someone to clean and take care of our daughter felt pretty luxurious. The fact that so many other moms do it made me feel better, but it was still a leap. I should be able to work, cook, mother....no problem, right? Yes, but only with my secret weapon. Oh gracias, Blanca. Thank you.

Amy Swift Crosby is the founder of SMARTY a resource for freelancers and entrepreneurs. Real Women Build Businesses Together!


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