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October 22, 2008

Minerva Awards: Betty Chinn

The second Minerva Award winner is Betty Chinn. Betty was born in the south of China at the time of the Cultural Revolution.  In her video, she talks about how her brother was killed and she was forced to wear a sign that said, "Child of the Devil" and was tortured and starved.  But, Betty escaped to Hong Kong and eventually moved to the United States. 

Once living in Eureka, California, she noticed the plight of the homeless and began making coffee at home and serving donuts to them. Now she feeds 200 people a day on her own, twice a day and she's done it for over 20 years! 

Ok, I'm crying again.  So is the rest of the crowd.  Shes' so emotional as she accepts her award.  She tells us that she is miracle because she was born in a culture where a woman is a second class citizen.

Folks are SERIOUSLY wiping their eyes. She says during the Cultural Revolution she lost her voice because she had no one to talk to.  "By God's grace I was saved and able to escape and come to America."  Ok, it's not just us crying, Betty is crying too!

"I accept this award for desperate people and needy people.  These awards are not about us."  I'm in love with Betty Chin.  SO cute, she thanks Maria Shriver's secretary.  "One lady I really like, your secretary, Sandy!"

WOW, Maria Shriver just announced that along with the award she's also giving her a check for $25K from all the women in the crowd!  Whoo hoo!!! 

Maria Shriver just shared that Betty shows that you don't have to start a huge organization to make change!

This is an original Los Angeles Moms Blog post.  Liz D. also blogs at Los Angelista.


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