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October 22, 2008

Bono's Speech Rocks the Women's Conference!

Img_0870More of SVMom's photos of Bono can be seen here.

Bono is speaking!  Yes, he has on his trademark sunglasses!

Bono kissed Maria Shriver on the cheek as he came on stage and then he starts out singing, "Maria, Maria!  I just kissed a girl named Maria!"

He says that when you walk into the nation's capital with a Shriver on your right and a Schwarzenegger on your left, you're not going to get hurt! 

He asks the crowd to raise their voices for Eunice Shriver and everyone totally cheers!  He makes us  laugh when he talks about Sargent Shriver starting the Peace Corps in his spare time.  LOL, he makes us laugh again by saying, that he same guy who helped JFK with his speeches is peering through my mullet!

He's reflecting on how now it's time for women to take the lead.  "I believe in God, but God knows I have an eye for the goddesses."

"In a city that lays out the carpet for lots of people , the problem with celebrities is that whilst we merit some attention and lap it up, we're not worthy."  He says of the Minerva Award winners, "We play at being heroes.  Those women are actual heroes."

LOL, folks are whistling and yelling!  He says he comes from a long line of traveling salespeople on his mom's side.  He's here to sell us on One and (RED)!

He says the One campaign's intentions are to get everyone to sign up to change the world for the poor.  He's here to sell us on one and we are all sitting on a petition.  He's also here to sell us on (RED) because it funds lots of stuff like vaccines for poor children.

Bono is really funny, talking about how Warren Buffett is really a rockstar.  He imitates Warren by saying not to appeal to the conscience of America but to the greatness of America.  Bono calls Buffett the "Sage of Omaha!"

"We're here tonight because we want to change the world!"

Now, we can't change the world without first changing the way we look at the world.  He shares that his attitude is shaped by rock-n-roll. It made him believe that his life could have some purpose.  It was the time of punk rock.  The crowd cheers when he says he was weaned on the Clash!

OMG, he just sang a verse from We Are The World.  Let me pick myself up off the floor...

Ok, back to salivating, I mean, blogging. 

He's sharing how he went to Ethiopia and experienced a man begging him to take his son back to Ireland.  "It humbles me beyond belief that children in poverty look at you without accusation"

"History has a way of making ideas that were once acceptable look ridiculous. Let's not forget, "No Blacks, No Irish! Let's not forget The Back of the Bus!"

"Africa is our neighbor.  It's right down the lane."  He's amazing.  I know some people drink the haterade and mockingly call him Saint Bono, but I'm glad he's bringing attention to all this.

He totally makes the crowd laugh by saying he wouldn't make gender stereotypes in the presence of the great Gloria Steinem.  Says you do not have to explain to the women of America the value of a child's life -- but folks who come to his rock shows don't always get it.

"Do men have a gene that gives them a penis but no conscience?"  Someone yells out, "Preach it!"  Hahaha!

Talking about AIDS statistics in Africa and how marriage is a death sentence for so many women because of a lack of fidelity.  Childbirth death likelihood for African women is 1 in 20. 

--I'm totally thinking about here we complain about c-section rates.  At least we're surviving delivery.  Those women in Africa are our sisters!  What are we gonna do about it?

He's encouraging the crowd to resist the urge to just turn inward even though things are going to hell in a hand basket here in the States.  We still have to reach out to the rest of the world.

Everybody has to ask who we are, what we're about and what we're not about.  Not about mosquito bites or dirty water as a death sentence, we're not about politicians not keeping their promises, we're not about charity, we're about justice and equality.  He asks, "Amen?" and everybody cheers!

Do we believe that the life of a child in Africa is as worthy as our lives?  WOWZER, folks, that is a question to ponder.  Do we think that?

He asks the crowd what does "Love thy neighbor" really mean?

If we say that yes, we believe that African's are our brothers and sisters and equal to us, that requires us to revisit some ideas.  Says that our country is an idea!  "All men and women are created equal... where you live should not determine where you live and whether you live or die" 

He says that's the America he loved when he's a kids.  Speaking of love, I think I'm in love.  How amazing it is to hear a man from freakin' Ireland talking about Africa like this and DEMANDING that we each talk about our sisters and brothers in Africa too.

He closes by saying, "America, we are not asking you to put another man on the moon. We are asking you to put humanity back on this earth."

AND the crowd goes WILD!

Alright moms, if that's not a call to action, I don't know what is! 

This is an original post to the Los Angeles Moms Blog.  Liz D.'s Irish half is in love with Bono and her black half asks that you help our African brother's and sisters.  Oh, and she blogs at Los Angelista.


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