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September 05, 2008

This Week's Hot Posts - Diving Into Politics


The conventions are over, the VPs announced, the nominations accepted and the race to the finish is now fully on.  The gloves are coming off and our blogs are exploding with political posts.  The truly historic nature of this election is inspiring everyone to get in the debate.  This week's hot posts is a recap of all the election posts in the past week or so.  All viewpoints are featured here... although currently the bulk seem to be in the Democratic camp.  Maybe this week's Hot Posts will get those Republican Mom Bloggers posting!

Deep South Moms Blog - Michelle - There But by the Grace of God Go I ... and You

Los Angeles Moms Blog - Jessica - Feminist Republican Housewives Unite in Los Angeles

Los Angeles Moms Blog - Nina - Obama did it. So can you.

Los Angeles Moms Blog - Suzie - Roe v Wade v McCain and Palin

NJ Moms Blog - Lois - Timing is Everything - is this the right time for Sarah Palin to be VP?

Silicon Valley Moms Blog - Tekla - Separated at Birth?

Silicon Valley Moms Blog - Karianna - The Palin Problem

Silicon Valley Moms Blog - Beth B. - McCain, Don't Play the Mom Card

Silicon Valley Moms Blog - Jill - Sarah Palin, You Scare Me

Chicago Moms Blog - Mary Ann Mohanraj- Not Actually So Much About Palin

Chicago Moms Blog - Alma - Palin, the Ultimate Working Mom?

DC Metro Moms Blog - Suzie P - Lookie Who is Running for Office

NYC Moms Blog - Beth F. - Dorothy and the Tin Man

NYC Moms Blog - Nancy R - Why John McCain Should Have Picked Me

NYC Moms Blog - Kelcey - I Hate to Talk Politics But...

50-Something Moms Blog - Arleen - Code of Silence

50-Something Moms Blog - Cynthia - The Content of their Character


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