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November 07, 2008

Deja Boo Hoo

5 Not long ago my oldest daughter came down with an FUO--fever of unknown origins. I dialed the number to our pediatrician's office from memory and we were able get an appointment before lunch.

I parked my car and as she scrambled out of the car unassisted I had an overwhelming feeling of deja vu. I thought back to when she was just a baby, still snuggled in her infant car seat, her chubby cheeks peeking out from beneath a sea of pink. I thought of the many visits we made to the pediatrician's office that first year. I remembered her first Halloween, when she was just four months old, and the nasty stomach virus that sent us to their office during rush hour. I remembered struggling with opening her stroller without spilling the contents of my big black diaper bag. I remembered packing diapers, wipes, Cheerios, pacifiers, teething rings, and a million other supplies due to some crazy mama survivalist "everything but the kitchen sink" instinct.

I held my daughter's hand and we made our way into the lobby. She let go and headed for the elevator so she could push the button. As we waited for her doctor, I thought back to the many appointments where I had comforted her and bounced her on my lap. She scrambled up onto the examining table unassisted by me, swinging her long, tan little girl legs back and forth and kicking off her Tinker Bell tennis shoes. I grabbed a book for her to read and remembered how many times she had sat in my lap and I'd read to her.

I marveled at how many times I'd brought her in for her well visits, proud of my chunky baby and anxious to call my husband and mom and mother-in-law to tell them how big our girl was getting. I thought back to all the questions I'd had for her doctor. This time there were no questions from me as she proudly chatted with our pediatrician about first grade, soccer, and dance. We left with a note for school, not a printout of a growth chart. As we headed to my car I marveled at the amazing girl in front of me, clutching glow in the dark stickers and a sucker, and I remembered her as the chunky baby who captured, and kept, my heart.

An original Deep South Moms post. Jamie is a Nashville mom who has been writing about the sweeter, and messier, moments of raising two little girls at her personal blog, BlondeMomBlog, since October 2005.


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