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October 13, 2008

The Recession Came Early to Our Home

EconomyThe economy and meltdown of Wall Street has most Americans losing sleep.  Americans watched as their hard earned money disappeared overnight.  As citizens worried, our leaders bickered and played the blame game.

The recession came early to our house in 2008
. For reasons I can't disclose on a public blog, our family health insurance was canceled in March and our family was not notified. I found out we had no health insurance as I getting a test for breast cancer...which was the type of cancer that killed my mom.

Did I mention the insurance company made our lack of coverage retro active 45 days?  I can't tell you the horror, the cold sweat of finding out your family of four has no insurance.  I can't say too much for legal reasons.  But we are college-educated professionals with years of experience in our fields---things are supposed to get better for us, not worse, right? 

We were able to get new health insurance for the family but not all prescriptions are covered.  Have a seat while I tell you our little extra expenses every month: 
$595 monthly insurance costs
$1010 prescription costs
$200 copay for office visits

Our family has to pay almost $2000 per month for expenses because of the insurance train wreck via our company health coverage!  Since March, that adds up to an extra $16,000 in AFTER TAX, OUT OF POCKET EXPENSES that we had to pay, without warning. 

To sum it up, The Lamar Family has been losing sleep since March.  I thought after all of the years and sacrifices my husband and I made for our careers, we would not be losing sleep because of lack of insurance.

I have no patience for the politicians who bicker and blame while people are hurting.  My family budget was wrecked by the insurance bomb.  I want to scream at McCain and Obama (as well as Congress) to LEAD.  Quit bickering and blaming and just lead.  Do the right thing.  Be decent and think of the people you are supposed to serve.  I am tired and so are millions of Americans.  We've been sucking it up and plowing through.

It's time for the leaders of this country to grow the hell up and just lead. NOW. 


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