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October 13, 2008

The Dreaded Green Bean vs. Wall Street

4 Have you been panicking about money lately?  I'm just guessing, but I'll bet lots of you are nodding just a little.  We're all a bit on edge because of recent happenings, and we should be.  It's causing many of us to wonder if we're going to "be okay" or whether times are about to take a turn for the worse.

Some of us are probably even being forced to admit some small (and big) mistakes we've made with our finances in recent years.  Maybe some of us borrowed too much on our homes, while others of us just didn't put enough into our savings when we really could have.

An extra cute shirt here, that toy you really can't say no to there... those grande lattes that Starbucks is practically holding the guns to our heads to buy!  It all adds up, and in the end, it's really our own faults when we fall short.  National financial crisis tends to makes the ugly truth stand stark in the light.

And that's all well and good, but what is really bothering me on a day to day basis are the little things...

Like how my kid WON'T EAT FOOD I MAKE.

Don't get me wrong, he eats.  But he is very specific about what he wants and when.  And he has just learned that, "NO!" is quite fun to say while defiantly turning his head.

And it's cute... but the more food he is making me waste... the less cute it is.

He's gone through phases like this before, and while it's always been maddening, there's a special kind of stress that it's adding to my life at this moment.  Every bite of food seems more precious!  Every sip of milk is like gold!  I see $$$ on his plate every time he whips out that "NO!" and makes his cute little defiant brat face.

I'm having to make myself take a step back and stay calm, so that I don't take out this financial crisis on him.  And it's hard - because all I want to do when I see the reports on the news?

Is yell, "NO!" and defiantly whip my head away.


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