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October 01, 2008

Deep South Moms Blog: Donors Choose Challenge

Deep_south Y'all, we have been challenged.  Join the Deep South Moms Blog in the 2008 Donors Choose Bloggers Challenge. We can use our blogs to help raise money for our regional public schools.  Forget bake sales and door-to-door fundraiser sales.  In this day and age, we moms can use our blogs to raise money for schools in our area that so desperately need it. 

Challengebannerblog I don't think I have to tell anyone reading this how many schools in this county that need our help for even the basic necessities to educate our children.  Our public schools are sadly underfunded.  With Donors Choose, we are sharing with you the needs of schools here in the Deep South. Many schools need everything from basic classroom supplies like paper and pencils to equipment for special enriching projects for the kids.  It is no secret that schools are suffering when it comes to raising money.  Trust me.  As a board member on two different PTAs at two different schools, I know how hard it is to get donations for our schools. We can raise money with no baking involved!  Moms in the 21st Century are using their blogs to raise money for our schools.  Yes, it is that easy!

How does Donors Choose work?  Start by visiting DonorsChoose.org and searching through their proposals. This site offers a way for teachers to write micro-grants for classroom projects.  You read that correctly.  The teachers themselves are able to share with you the needs they have in their very own classrooms.  It is not an administrator (bless his heart) telling you what he thinks a teacher needs.  It is the actual men and women who are doing their very best to help our children learn on a daily basis who are asking for help. Consider it a call out from the trenches for our support.  Who could turn down someone as heroic as a teacher in need?

I promise you there is a proposal you will find that will touch you.  I guarantee it.  Just take a moment or two our of your day and read through what these teachers are asking for to level the playing field at least a little.  The proposals range from simple (a second grade teacher who simply wants to be certain all her students have the basics supplies needed in school) to more heartbreaking (a post Katrina school where most of the students lost their instuments in the devestation of the hurricane).  Many of us take for granted the access our children have to something as basic as having books to read that are not text books.  I know my children would be lost without that.  Shouldn't all students be able to have access to books for read for pleasure as well?

Deep_south_2 It's easy! Go to the Deep South Moms Blog DonorsChoose.org Blogger Challenge page to scope out the amazing projects the creative, resourceful public school teachers in the Deep South region have submitted. Give something - every penny earned helps - and let's all join together to send the teachers in our region the message that we hear them and we are there for them as they are there for our children.  Do it for your own children.  You never know when they may need someone's help as well.

And as for the Blogger Challenge, who better than moms to help raise money for our schools?  The tech bloggers (not to mention other areas in the blogging world) think they have the corner of the market on receiving donations and helping. To that I say... bless their heart! Go and show other bloggers that you don't mess with Southern Moms when it comes to helping out.  It is what we we have been raised to do, people!

Deep South Moms Bloggers and Friends of Deep South Moms Blog, we need your help.  Grab the widget below and put it on your personal blogs or sites!  Help us spread the word about this one month blogger challenge - and feel good that you are helping out our public school system!


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