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September 27, 2008

Cookie Dough and Limos

2 Every fall my daughter’s elementary school kicks off a large a fund raiser. Last year we sold community coupon books for local restaurants and other businesses. This year they decided to shake things up a bit and they switched to gourmet frozen cookie dough, something no reasonable person, especially any woman with PMS, can resist.

My 6-year-old daughter came running up to me after school on the day they announced the cookie dough sale. "Mommy if I sell a BUNCH of cookie dough I get to ride in a limo at lunch! A limo! I've never ridden in a limo in my whole life!!"

Screeeeech. Wait a minute. A limo ride? Seriously? Was I being punk'd by Hannah Montana? I remember selling candy bars in school and the top seller winning a satin jacket or a pizza party, but a limo ride? She waved the fund raiser fact sheet at me and sure enough there was a white stretch limo pictured among the prizes for top sales levels.

I e-mailed friends and family a sales pitch and took the glossy cookie dough brochure to the break room at work. I even wrote a personalized letter with a Cookie Monster graphic centered at the top. That is creative dedication people. I mean, who can resist Cookie Monster?

In the end I sold, I mean my daughter sold…cough…enough cookie dough to win a small stuffed animal and a cool spy eyeglass gadget. She was three boxes of dough short to snag the limo ride. Hopefully I haven’t scarred her for life.

An original Deep South Moms post. When she’s not pleading with her family, friends, and co-workers to buy snickerdoodles and chocolate chip cookies, Jamie can be found writing about life as a Southern soccer mom to two little girls at BlondeMomBlog.


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