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July 17, 2008

Tame That Gremlin Before You Get to BlogHer

Gremlin I recently read a book called "Taming Your Gremlin" that's all about recognizing the self-destructive character that lives inside your head.  You know that freak -- the one that chatters at you all day long, points out all your flaws and holds you back from doing some potentially great stuff.

Here's what my gremlin's been saying lately:

"Think you got it all under control, huh?  Think again.  You haven't accomplished nearly enough at work this week.  And what about all of that stuff on the mommy to-do list?  You haven't even thought about that!  And what a great friend you turned out to be.  You haven't heard from one of your closest friends all summer and do you check in on her?  Of course not.  Because you're a terrible person.  Thinking about reaching for that cookie, huh?  That's a really good idea because those two pounds you gained last week look just great on you and your clothes are feeling so comfy and snug."

Can you believe the nerve of that guy?  Good thing I'm not going to BlogHer this week because here's what he would have to say about that:

"BlogHer?  You are SO not cool enough to go to BlogHer!!!  What makes you think you're as smart or talented as all of these bloggers? You're a fake!  A phony!  Better not open your mouth like you always do.  They'll find you out fast.  And by the way, all of the clothes you brought to wear to this thing are ALL WRONG."

If you're going to BlogHer, don't forget to kick that gremlin to the curb before you go and have a fabulous time!

An original Deep South Moms Blog post.  When she's not gremlin taming, Amy@UWM is raising her two daughters and her Hubby in Atlanta and blogging at her personal blog, Up With Moms.


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