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May 22, 2008

There Should Be A Law

Amy_2 Driving back from the beach, we stopped at a McDonald's for a pee break and to let the boys loose for a bit.  As we were unbuckling everyone, I muttered that I sure hoped they had a baby changer in the bathroom.

My husband said, "It's McDonald's.  They all have them."

Well no, it's actually hit and miss on that one I'm afraid.

"But, they have a play area.  This one will have a baby changer," he assured me.

No.  No baby changer. I had to change the baby on the seat of the car. And he was poopy. And wiggly. And he basically got a waist-down bath using every wipe I had left and I had to go into the changer-less bathroom and scrub up to my elbows.

I have never understood this and it's infuriating!  If you have a children's menu, or if for heaven's sake you have a playground, why would you not have a changer? And have a sink counter with 6 inches of space (perpetually wet)?  Are parents supposed to kneel on the bathroom floor?  Or just push the drinks and appetizers aside, whip out the changing pad, and change the baby on the table?

There should be a law.  If a restaurant allows children they must have a changing table in the bathroom.  And one that is installed where you can pull it down and do your diaper duty without blocking the entrance to the stalls.

I'll even put up with the signs "Do Not Leave Baby Unattended" that insult my intelligence.  But there should be a law.

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