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May 27, 2008

The Cootie Pit

Donotdisturb We stopped at a McDonald's during a long road trip to let our boys, ages 5 and 1, get the wiggles out. As I watched them climbing around the play set I casually remarked to my husband that I hoped they wouldn't end up sick from playing in the Cootie Pit.

"Why did you call it that?" he asked. I explained that these indoor play sets and ball pits are full of germs. They probably never get cleaned and who knows how many dirty, germy, even sick kids have touched everything in there.

"That's just silly" he declared. "They aren't going to get sick from playing here. Where did you ever hear that?"

"Well, everyone just knows this," I retorted. "All the moms know it."

So OK, I don't really know how I came to think the ball pits were germ pits. Are they different from any other playground? Is the occasional rainstorm really cleaning the outdoor play equipment that doesn't give me the "ickys"? Why do the indoor play sets make me want to dump a bottle of hand sanitizer on the kid?

Truth is, not once have I ever suspected that one of my kids got sick from playing in a ball pit. Am I nuts to think they are unsanitary?

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