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May 30, 2008

Reading, Writing, Gunfighting

J0232111 The end of my son's first year at his "big boy" school brought a surprise.  The Aftercare program was having a water gun and water balloon battle on the last full day of school.  It was a BYOG party (bring your own gun).  All guns had to go straight to Aftercare in the morning, not kept in the classroom.

I'm perfectly fine with this, and in fact, thought it was a really fun idea.  And it's so not politically correct that I had to smile at the ballsy -ness of the school for allowing it to even happen.

When my son was four, I was toweling him off after a bath when he grabbed his tee tee and, making the machine gun burst noise boys are seemingly born knowing how to do, shot me with it.  He shot at his mother with his penis. At that point, any thought in the back of my mind about maybe not allowing gun toys pretty much dissolved. 

I told my husband we needed a water gun for school and he went out and bought the biggest water blaster I've ever seen. It was half as big as our kid. 

Then I thought of a friend of mine who has just chosen our school for her son, beginning this fall.  She's anti-gun toy with her boys.  Though, she has begun to realize that boys make guns out of everything from

Lego's to broken airplane wings to sticks in the backyard.  And they like to shoot at each other.  They think it's a tremendous good time. Her son won't be attending Aftercare, so I suppose she'll just ignore it.  But what if he was going to be at the soaking shoot em' up?

Our son has been taught never, ever to go near any gun for any reason, and we've talked about why real guns are so dangerous.  And his toy guns look like toys - bright colors, giant plastic laser blasters, and foam dart shooters.   And squirt guns.  We do not believe that playing with a water blaster will give him a propensity to violence. We just don't. 

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