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January 29, 2009

Sick Snow Day

Mail-1 The Washington area had its first taste of measureable snow this week, an event looked upon with dread and excitement to those of us who live here - excitement, because the city is truly beautiful in the snow, but dread because absolutely no agencies have a clue how to deal with it, and never have. This year we got only about an inch of snow before the ice and wintery mix kicked in, but that would have been enough to enjoy it - a little bit of sledding, a little bit of snowballing, a teeny little snowman or two before coming back in to our cozy warm house for hot chocolate and baking. But our family did no such thing, because our kids had sick snow days.

First my oldest daughter came down with "the bug," a weird virus that manifested itself in a headache, stomach ache, other general blahness, and fevers. She spiked up to 103.8 at one point. She spent all day Monday laying on the floor or the couch, alternately watching tv and sleeping. It was all I could do to get her to drink a few sips of water, let alone eat anything. Monday our kids had a day off school because of a teacher work day, and we watched the weather start. We got up Tuesday morning to find out school had closed for the day, even though we only had about a half an inch of snow at that point. It was just as well, because as soon as I felt my older son and younger daughter's heads I knew, they had it too. So another day on the floor it was.

It was particularly sad, because at one point I looked out the window and our neighbors were out in their front yard with a couple of other kids from our neighborhood, digging in the snow, being pulled around on sleds, throwing snowballs, and generally running around and screaming, and it was such a stark contrast to my older three barely stirring on the floor. My older daughter mentioned more than once how she wished she wasn't sick, because she wanted to go out and play in the snow. As we watched the beautiful snow turn to an icy rain, I put my older kids to bed at 7:30, unheard of in this house.

I thought the baby was spared, but today he spiked up, too. My husband was going to take him out when he finally dug out of the ice to go to the store, but the poor little guy took a four hour nap, and his glassy eyes told us he wasn't going anywhere but to bed. The girls' fevers have passed now, and I expect by this time tomorrow evening the boys will be back to themselves, fighting and tormenting each other and their sisters. Alas, the ice has ruined the lovely snow, and no one will find themselves playing in it.

Especially since I'm feeling a little tired and achy myself.


Original DC Metro Moms post. When she's not lamenting the snow and taking care of her feverish kids, Mary/FishyGirl blogs at The Fish Pond.


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