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October 02, 2008

Weekend Get Away - to go or not to go?

4 So, our son is 10. And we've NEVER gone away without him. Yup. You heard it right. We've never had a romantic weekend getaway that you hear couples doing.

It just never felt right. Some of it had to do with his Aspergers. Some of it had to do with no family living around here. But all that has changed in the past couple of years. My sister lives in NoVa and has a child of her own. She totally relates to wanting a weekend away now. My son adores my brother-in-law. So last year he had a sleep over there. It went great and he has been asking for another one ever since.

So hubby and I thought why not? Why not take get away for a night? 

And this time I was ready. I knew our son would be happy and safe. I knew I would be able to enjoy the time not worried if he was ok.

We talked and did web searches on what to do, where to go. We decided we'd do some wine tours and spend the night out by the mountains. We'd do a picnic at the winery. Relax. Talk. Take our time. Move at our own schedule. You know - like pre-child days.

So, I booked a picnic at the winery this morning. And I booked a hotel room this morning. For this weekend. And I swear, within 20 minutes of the booking my sister called.

You see, she is expecting her 2nd child at the end of October. We were thinking a month before the due date would be safe to plan this.

She is in labor. Her water broke and she is being admitted. I will have a another niece by the end of the day! I will also have a 2 year old with me for the next few days.

I will not be going away this weekend. My niece will never hear the end of this. (But really, I am very happy to be having another niece. I can't wait to meet her later today. And I know now that I'm ready for a weekend away it'll still happen, just not this weekend).

An orginal DC Metro Moms post. When not switching plans last minute, Robin can be found blogging at MyLifeAsItIs.


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