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October 04, 2008

DC Metro Moms Kick Off DonorsChoose.org Bloggers Challenge!

DcI don't need to spell out how much some schools could use some extra change. While I daydream about whether the proposed renovation of my kid's school will incorporate solar panels and have a LEED-certified architect? There are projects at DonorsChoose that will make you grip your kid's sippy cup with white knuckles. Then there are some that will make your eyes mist with happiness, that there's such a creative being standing in front of a couple dozen lucky little faces all day long. Cause that's the way the DonorsChoose program works. Teachers write in with their requests. Some of them are heartrending, cause some of the teachers (bless their hearts) are working in schools that don't have basic supplies for the sweet kiddos (bless their hearts) in attendance. Some of them are from teachers in schools that have the basics but really want to bust beyond the bakesale margins to do something spectacular to bring ideas to life. Bless their hearts!

Blogger_challenge Last year, the DonorsChoose.org Blogger Challenge helped 75,000 kids get supplies their public school teachers wanted. This year? The Silicon Valley Moms Group is helping out! With the help of our powerful readers (mothers, fathers, cousins, aunts), we'd like to blow that record out of the water. You know the saying, "If mommy's happy, everyone's happy?" Well, it'll make a whole lot of mommies happy to take care of the needs of kids right under our noses.

If you've got a moment to spare, I guarantee there is a project that will fit you perfectly. Right in your backyard? You betcha. Right on target? Yup. The supplies will be mailed right to the teacher. No chance for skimming, not that I am slamming DC Public Schools' track record (anyone remember the goiter?!). No laughing, Virginia. You either, Maryland.

Check out some of the projects that leapt out at me and then go search for your faves:

  • We can get a school bus for an already-funded field trip for immigrant Kindergartners to attend a play and learning center (they can test out their English vocab while they pretend to shop for apples in a play store). These kids are in a high poverty school in PG County.
  • We can get digital cameras so kids in a gifted and talented program in Reston that targets children from backgrounds traditionally underrepresented in such honors programs will be able to send pics to the environmental specialist in their high poverty community who's volunteered to identify flora and fauna in their school forest (can you say 'Yellow-Bellied Sapsucker holes drilled in a tree?' Me neither, without the help of a naturalist, and the means to shoot her digital images of bird nests and such).
  • We can get bean bags and hula hoops to kids in a school in Ward 8 DC that has no physical education equipment. Nada. Maybe we could even contact the teacher and get those kids some foursquare balls!
  • We can get green tree frogs, guppies, and mealworms for a 5th grade class in SE DC to make science come alive. Or yoga mats for PreK kids at a year-round DC charter school.

It's easy! For the month of October 2008, go to DonorsChoose.org to scope out the amazing projects the creative, resourceful public school teachers in the DC Metro region have submitted. Give something - whatever you can - and let's all join together to send the teachers in our region the message that we hear them and we support them, loud and clear!

...and while you are at, CLICK HERE to grab the widgets below and place them on your sites!  Help us spread the word, DC Metro Moms Bloggers, and beyond!

Here is the code for the 300x250:

<script type="text/javascript" src="http://www.donorschoose.org/common/challenge_widget_js.html?id=19020&category=32"></script>

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