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August 12, 2008

Was It Worth It?

Was_it_worth_it_post_dc_metro No one likes traffic. Or even more so accidents. At least I can't think of anyone who does.

Living in the DC Metro area, none of us are immune to being late to appointments and experiencing traffic slowly crawling along. It's frustrating. Sometimes traffic slows down because of a cop up ahead. Sometimes because of congestion. And sometimes because of an accident. Sometimes it just picks right back up with no indication of why it slowed down in the first place.

And, always, while slowing down for whatever, one can find one driver whizzing by.

A few weeks ago my husbands cousin's husband and their 3 children (hope you followed that) were driving home from a visit with the grandparents. They were almost out of VA on their way to one of the Great Lake States. Home to see Mom (who couldn't make the trip) and for Dad to start a new job the next day.

Traffic had slowed down because of an accident. A driver behind them didn't slow down. She rear-ended them. Badly. As in their 2 year old had to be medi-vaced to a local hospital due to head injuries.

Can you imagine being that mother, getting that phone call 5 states away - your husband has been in a car accident. He is being taken by ambulance to the hospital due to back injuries. Your 2 oldest children seem to be OK, shook up, but OK. But your youngest, your little 2 year old was taken by helicopter to the hospital because of head injuries. And when you're done dealing with your family injuries, you'll need a new minivan - your's is totaled. Can you imagine being that father - not being able to be with your daughter because of your own injuries. Or their 2 older children being witnesses to that, waiting for a grandparent and Mom to rush to their side?

Luckily the doctors are quite positive the 2 year old will be OK. Some fractures in her face bones, a fractured skull and a broken leg. Her car seat was secure. Police are thinking a piece of luggage, or a kids toy became a weapon upon impact.

The reason for the collision? The driver wasn't paying attention to the traffic slowing down.

So, folks: Just slow down. A few seconds can save so much. And, if you're not careful and cause an accident, you're really going to be late for where ever you are going, and not by just a few minutes. It's just not worth it. As much of a nuisance as it is to be in traffic, how about using that time to think about what you do have to be thankful for.

An original post on DC Metro Moms. When not xxxx Robin can be found blogging at MyLifeAsItIs.


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