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August 24, 2008

To Clean Or Not To Clean - That Is The Question

4 First it was infant rattles, board books, and blocks along with a swinger and a bouncer.

Then it was activity gyms and push and pull toys.

From there we moved to dramatic toy sets, vehicles and little people sets.

A shift to some action and adventure figures, trains, games, legos and other building toys.

And they all have ONE thing in common.

They all leave a MESS. Well, of course they leave a mess. Toys are supposed to be played with. And then all playing has to come to a stop at some point for eating, sleeping and other activities. And then there is a mess left behind. To be cleaned.

We've cleaned up for him. We've cleaned up together. We've asked him to clean. Told him to clean. And grounded him till he's cleaned. We've rewarded, gave incentives and taken away toys.


I'm not asking for a spotless house. I actually do not want a spotless-afraid-to-touch-anything house. I just want to be able to walk through the rooms in our home without it being an obstacle course. I want to be able to vacuum every now and then. I want to tell Adam it's time for him to clean up a room and not have the never ending battle of whining and stalling.

Am I simply asking too much?

This is an original DC Metro Moms post. When Robin isn't trying to walk through a room, er, obstacle course of a house, she can be found on her blog MyLifeAsItIs.


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