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July 03, 2008

ROUNDUP!!!! Birth Day, Adoption Day, First Day of the Rest of Our Lives



The most important day of my life.  The day my life changed forever.  The day I grew up.  The day someone else became more important than me.  The day I touched a miracle.  The day I met my daughter.  The day my step-son first called me "mom."  The day I first held that tiny little bundle.

The day my oldest son was born.

All of these phrases can describe the day a child enters your life, but none of them fully explain it, do they?  We all know that having a baby (or a child, or a toddler) really does change everything.  But it isn't something we can fully explain to the uninitiated.  Parenting is a members only club, but we have a fantastic PR machine.  Parents love to talk about their kids!

To this day, nothing can choke me up more than thinking about or describing the moment I first held each of my boys.  (Gah!  In fact, I'm getting all teary right now.)  Most parents feel exactly the same way.  So today, the moms and dads of the Silicon Valley, Chicago, DC Metro, New York, New Jersey, Fifty Something, Deep South, and LA Moms Blogs are all writing about those magical days.

Get out your box of tissues and read along with us.

Round-up of all the posts across the sites below the fold....

This is an original D.C. Metro Moms Blog post. 

Stephanie also writes about her children, and gets all sappy and sentimental, at Lawyer Mama and writes, with almost no weeping, about politics at MOMocrats.

Here is a recap of today's posts on this topic from across the sites:

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