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June 05, 2008

Seeing the Possibilities

Tree "You don't want to see what they want you to see. You want to open your mind to the possibilities." my son told me the other morning on the way to school. I asked him where he had heard that (assuming the answer would be his teacher or some class discussion). Nope. TV. Avatar to be exact.

So, after the surprise of something good coming out of watching a cartoon I asked him to give me an example.

"Sure Mom," he said. "Think about the bush on the side of our house. What do you see when you look at it?"

"Um, a bush?" I answered. "One that looks really pretty when it blooms?"

"Exactly! That's because that's what you are expected to see. But not me, I look for the possibilities. I see a fort."

He came up with a few more examples for me. An you know what I realized?

That he has so much to teach me. As much as we think of parenting as teaching and raising our children to be happy and productive people and all that, sometimes we are seeing the wrong thing. The other possibility is that they are teaching us to see the world in new ways too, so that we can continue to grow up to be happy and productive people and all that.

This is an original post on DC Metro Moms. When not contemplating the possibilities of life with her son, Robin can be found over at MyLifeAsItIs.


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