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June 27, 2008

Love You Forever

LoveDear Son,

I know you love summer. And I love summer too! Really, who doesn't? The carefree days. Taking things slowly. Playing.

It's also time for me to see you and all that you have grown and changed from last summer. Without having to battle you with homework, keep up with school stuff and meetings, there's more time to just hang out. And enjoy each other in different ways.

The other day you were out playing with the neighborhood kids and didn't want to come in for dinner. It got me remembering one of your favorite books from when you were younger - Love You Forever

Remember this book? Robert Munsch describes a child in different ages, getting into mischief, but regardless of the mischief, the Mom still crawls into his room each night and sings a song about loving him forever.

I remember reading this with you when you were younger. You would always laugh at the toddler - possibly relating a little too well with him. Then you would laugh at the little boy and the teenager. You'd say you couldn't wait till you were that big kid and could do all the big kid sort of stuff.

Ya know what son? You're that big kid now. You don't want to come in for dinner and would rather keep playing outside. You never want to take a shower. You have your own opinions on social issues. You have your own very strong preferences on music, clothing, movies and books. You have your own pre-teen language - phrases that weren't around when I was your age, and you look at me as if I should be in a zoo when I attempt to speak your 'language'.

But you want to know something else? Each night after you fall asleep I still walk (sorry - I don't crawl like the mother in the book) to your room. And I tuck you in again and give you a kiss and tell you how much I love you.

And when I'm in bed at night I can remember as if it was yesterday, your feet and hands kicking me from inside. Seeing your face for the first time as your Daddy held you up to me. I can remember your first milestones as you began to roll over, crawl and walk and wanting to stop time and stay in the moment forever. But like you, I too also couldn't wait till you were older to see the person you are growing up to be.

And I still want to freeze time. To stay in this part of your life forever. But at the same time, I can't wait to see what the next year brings us too.

I Love You Forever,


This is an original post written for DC Metro Moms. When she's not busy enjoying her son, Robin can be found blogging at MyLifeAsItIs.


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