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May 21, 2008

Sexy in the Bathroom

Jess_2 This past year, the sexiest, most mojo-inducing, groove-back-bringing thing I have done is claim the underused guest bathroom for my very own.  This land is mine.  No Old Spice, no Dora and Diego bath toys. No ear thermometers,  Blues Clues BandAids, Baby Motrin, A+D ointment, Goody barrettes, Gillettethebestamancanget.  The guest bathroom is an oasis of tranquility and pampering and it is mine, all mine.

ZZZZZZ. Snore. Prudy McPruddish you say? "Come on, this is SEX topic day!" Well, let me explain how claiming one's own feminine space is completely sexy.

I have two preschool aged children and a mid-century Cape Cod built before it was deemed that every home in America required a Jacuzzi tub and one commode per household bottom.  Our top floor contains two of the home's bedrooms, with a single bathroom between.  Since the kids are young and still need us in the night at times, we have them share one of these bedrooms and my husband and I the other.  For four years all two, then three, and then four of us shared the upstairs bathroom as our family grooming station.  All baths, showers, hair removal, nail clipping, sick child cleanup and the like were contained in this small area. I cleaned out a drawer in my dresser for my makeup and hair brushes, and resigned myself to the fact that some of my more expensive grooming products would be poured on stuffed animals and that my Tweezermans would end up in the tool box. 

Meanwhile the guest bathroom downstairs flourished in a sea of Egyptian cotton towels, empty medicine chests and shelves, fresh flowers, fancy soaps.  It functioned as both powder room for day guests and full bath for overnighters.   At the end of 2007 I paged through the year's calendar and realized that we had overnight guests a total of 9 weekends the entire year.  That means that roughly 300 days out of the year, that bathroom was unused real estate, save daytime pees and hand washings.  And so in 2008, Mama got her very own bathroom.

The privacy for grooming and space for the celebration of my femininity has brought my sexy back.   I have room to shave my legs without kicking the hungry hippo spout cover.  No one has poured my beloved Miller Harris shower gel down the drain during a pirate ship race or left me a gamey green bar of Irish Spring in its place.  I have room to moisturize from head to toe, blow dry, put on a little makeup, hum a tune, take my vitamins...all with the door closed.  I can paint my toes and relish books in the bath after the kids go to sleep without fear of waking them or having them hop right in.

My husband loves to see me so relaxed and will bring me a glass of wine or peek in with a wink when I'm in the tub.   We're not incessantly asking the other, "Are you done? Can I get in there?" in the morning or when preparing for sleep.  There is a mystery to our getting ready routines that reminds us of when we were dating and would appear on each other's doorsteps, clean and sweet-smelling and full of anticipation for the romance ahead. Now we slip into bed beside the other with fresh breath and without annoyance that the other didn't rinse the toothpaste from the sink.

I feel sexier than I have ever before, even after birthing two children, and I believe it is largely due to having my own bathroom for the first time in my life.  I have room to take care of my body, and so I enjoy doing so.  I have a safe space to really look at myself naked, evaluate my fitness and celebrate the body I have on the journey to making it stronger and healthier.  This confidence translates to the bedroom and in the everyday flirting and sexiness in my marriage. 

I love it that my kids and husband have gone along with this claiming of a room, calling it "Mama's Bathroom" in reverent tones, which is generous as no one else in the family has a room of their very own. But then, I clean them all.  I work very hard for all three of my former bathroomates and I know they appreciate it. My husband is not complaining.  In the words of Broadway's greatest prison matron, "When you're good to Mama, Mama's good to you."

Photo by Flickr user diva bex

Original DC Metro Moms blog post.   

When not primping in her bathroom, Jessica can be found chasing after her kids and writing at A Parent in Silver Spring.


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