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March 13, 2008

The Pain of Cartoon Cuts

Cartoonc We've taken my daughter to get her hair cut at Cartoon Cuts since she started looking like a wild beast baby many moons ago. Lured by the promise of Dora, SpongeBob and joyful novelties like an elephant-shaped shampoo area (although, really, I've never seen any child get their hair formally washed there besides the squirt of a spray bottle), we started a tradition that I'm not entirely proud of.

The other day, I had this great plan to get there when it opened at 10 am on a Sunday, have my daughter's hair cut and then meet the rest of the family for brunch. The great plan being we would be the first ones there and be in and out in no time flat.

Um, yeah.

When we arrived there a couple minutes before 10, I thought it was a fine time to stop by Starbucks next door and get myself a hard-earned coffee-candy beverage. As we got to Cartoon Cuts five minutes later, there were children filling the entire waiting area! Where did they come from? Insanity!

I put us on the wait list and Jolie was #10. Dude. It's 10:05. I think there was a family with 5 kids or something that snuck in there.

For forty minutes, we waited in the crowded waiting area as more strollers and families filtered in, leaving the two of us sitting on the floor as the 8 chairs were being occupied. (One chair being occupied by the coat of a boy who was elsewhere playing a video game. Grrrrrr.) Many waiting parents seemed territorial and antsy, continuing to check the wait list and announcing loudly, so everyone else could hear, that they were next.

We waited 40-45 minutes for her bowl-cut supreme. Although, she did get a lollipop at the end. This may be one of the best features of the hair cut for Jolie.

For me it's the:

a) economy - $17 for a haircut! For small people with very little hair! Spritzed with a spray bottle!

b) chic styling - so many varieties of bowl cuts, it puts other places to shame!

c) short wait times!

But, what truly keeps me going back is the fact that Jolie does like it and doesn't seem to mind her bowl cuts at all. That, and my own inertia which is possibly the greatest factor involved. If I could trim her bangs (and I do) without her looking like a blind woman trimmed her bangs, this all would be less of an issue.

Perhaps one day, I'll have the energy to take her somewhere else, until then I suppose I have no reason to complain as I have no one to blame but myself. Anyway, maybe bowl cuts will come back in style.

Original DC Metro Moms Blog post. KC also writes at Where's My Cape? when she's not being inert.


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