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March 13, 2008

Stay At Home Moms: Here's How to Ensure that those "Daycare Kids" Never Come to Your Parties!

My 3 year old, Hollis, has just been invited to his first pre-school birthday party.  Everyone in his class was invited and, apparently, was talking about it in school, because it's at a local place with those big inflatable bouncy slides - toddler heaven.  Assuming it was on Saturday or Sunday, I told him we could go and called the mom to RSVP last night. 

K's mom seemed a bit surprised to hear from me, but I assumed it was because I was RSVP'ing a little late, since Hollis was sick last week and just got the invitation on Tuesday.  After I got off of the phone, I looked at the invitation more closely only to notice that the party is from 4-5pm on Thursday.  Thursday?  WTF?

I've written before about how uncomfortable I've felt at my perceived judgment from the stay-at-home moms in Hollis's pre-school.  They all know each other, get together for coffee regularly, and attend all the class parties.  (For the record, I've tried to attend as many as I can.)  Up until now I've assumed that this judgment was just my perception and not necessarily a reality.  But now I'm questioning whether we were ever really meant to attend this party in the first place.

The rule in Hollis's pre-school is that all classmates must be invited to class birthday parties, unless the invitations are distributed privately and only to a select few.  Hollis is one of the few kids in the 12 child class with two parents who work full time.  The party is clearly during working hours.  What sort of conclusion should I draw here?

It could be that a week day was simply the only time K's mom could get the venue she wanted for the party and she wanted to avoid moving it into the evening hours.  Maybe they have another family and friends party planned for the weekend.  But somehow I'm thinking that another weekend would have worked just fine for a 4 year old's birthday party.

When I told T, my husband, that the party was on a Thursday during the work day and not on Saturday as we had assumed, he was puzzled as well.  Then he said he would take off early from work and bring Hollis to the party.  T said, "It will be fun for just me and Hollis to go. Plus, I can't wait to see the reaction from the moms when I walk in!"

This? Is why I love my husband so.

This post originally appeared on D.C. Metro Moms Blog. Steph also writes about life as a working mom at her personal blog, Lawyer Mama, and about politics at MOMocrats.


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