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March 06, 2008

When Mom is sick, everything changes

Breast_2When Mom is sick, everything changes.  The rhythms of the household just aren't the same as before the illness.  Maybe the laundry doesn't get done as fast.  Maybe the kitchen floor isn't washed as often.  Maybe nobody notices the laundry or the floor anymore.

Maybe carpools are more of a burden on Dad, or maybe playdates are curtailed for other reasons, like the increased risk of infection for a mom in chemo, lack of time due to daily radiation, or lack of energy due to ... well, just about any of it.

Maybe Mom can't pick up the baby anymore.  Maybe she's sick in bed.  Maybe this goes on for a while, or even a long while, and then maybe it's just not the same anymore.

But one thing will always be the same, no matter what.

Mom -- any mom -- will always love her kids.  Mom will play with them as she is able, and make up games for them to play as she rests.  Mom will turn her bedsheets into a fort, or a castle, or a burrow for little children to pretend in.  Mom will get out the puzzles, the books, the lacing cards, and Mom will tell stories about her life as a little girl, or about two imaginary brothers who just happen to be Just Like You.

Mom will do everything she can to make things appear normal for her little ones.

Because when Mom is sick, Mom worries about who will care for her children like she does.  Who will teach them?  Who will bathe them, even when they're cranky?  Who will wipe their faces tenderly after snack time? 

Who will love them, ever so much as Mom?

And Mom will do everything she can to get well again, and to help her children grow, learn, and thrive ... even though Mom is sick.

This post originally posted at DC Metro Moms Blog.  Susan also blogs about her life as a mom with inflammatory breast cancer at Toddler Planet.


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