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January 27, 2008

An Open Letter To The Presidential Candidates

PrezDear Hillary & Barack (and John & the guys in the other party),

I am writing this open letter to all of you to come and meet with thousands of mothers who live in three of the states who will be voting in 9 days - Illinois, California, and New York. Thousands of mothers and friends read the combined Silicon Valley, Chicago, New York, and DC Metro Moms Blogs which is written by over one hundred different bloggers. A sample of these bloggers shows that we are mostly in our 30s, are white, have at least two children, are married, are Democrats (we do have Republicans & Independents), and either work outside the home or work at home. When asked about what else the candidates should know, many said that they were moderates, that this election decision was wide open to them, and that despite being a registered Democrat, they were willing to look at the other side as well.

We are upper class, middle class, but mostly struggling. We are struggling to make our two incomes cover basic needs, to find time to spend with our children, and with the state of our country & world. We are concerned about lead paint on our children's toys, about how our economic policies pressure companies to skimp on safety issues, and how we know that once jobs have left our country, they may never return. We are concerned for our sister who is battling breast cancer, for our readers who battle all types of cancer and instead of focusing on getting well are watching their costs inch closer and closer to their lifetime benefits cap. We are concerned that our children are not being taught in the best environment - whether it is a dilapidated school or lack of gifted education programs - our children are not getting the type of education we expect in this great country.We range from far left to the right, atheist to Christian, advanced degrees to high school graduates, and yet despite our differences, we agree on one thing.


We've written before, some of us have spoken to your people via email or phone, and we are asking you again to please meet with us. Let the moms of NY, Illinois, and California talk to you about the issues that we care about: health care, education, product safety, the environment, and a few other issues that we don't all agree on.

Despite the fact that we adore your spouses, we want to talk with you. Anywho, we've already chatted with Elizabeth Edwards twice. Any more meetings and rumors will swirl.

Come on Hillary, Barack & Co., give us a call. Drop us an email. We're on Facebook, GoogleTalk, etc. I'll make cookies & cupcakes if you come to Chicago. Or lasagna...when was the last time you had a home cooked meal?

To contact us, please send an email to info AT svmoms DOT com.  We promise to arrange a meetings with our contributors across all four sites - ASAP.

This open letter has been posted on all four sister sites.


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