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October 30, 2007

The Horrors of Homework

HomeworkHomework. Defined as tasks assigned to students by their teachers to be completed mostly outside the class (hence home) by Wikipedia

Reality - the non-stop battle between parent and child.

Seriously - does any one else out there have this problem?

My son is in 4th grade. He has approximately 40 mins of homework plus 20 mins of reading. It's really not that much. He gets home at 3pm. Homework could be done by 4pm. That leaves plenty of time for being a child. In a perfect world.

In reality (or at least mine for the past 3 weeks) Son has come home and the battle begins. The screaming. The crying. The life isn't fair. This goes on until dinner time. Then it's all of sudden bedtime and the homework is sometimes finished, sometimes not. All of us are exhausted. Drained. Done.

We've tried incentives, bribery, helping him, even dictating. We've tried groundings, making him do it on his own. We've tried breaks. We've tried it all. And the battle continues.

How can I get him to see if he would just DO it, and get it OVER WITH, then the rest of our time together could be spent peacefully? I miss playing with him. I miss him being able to play with the neighborhood kids. Homework needs to be done. His isn't too much or too difficult. I just can't get him to do it without a battle.

When not battling with her son over homework Robin can be found blogging about other family issues at My Life As It Is.


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