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September 03, 2007

Weekends in the Swamp

BethWe stayed in town for Labor Day weekend.  I know, I know, we are so gauche!  We should have been at the beach like 85% of this town's population, but we spent most of the weekend at the hardware store instead (with the remaining 15% of the population).  But hey, there are things to do in town that don't involve diapers full of sand or five pounds of Thrasher's-assisted weight gain.  Why, just in my little neck of suburbia there's a farm, a zoo (a real one even, not just the pet store where I take Mia and tell her it's a zoo), a lake with ducks, a carousel, and a train, and pulling weeds in my backyard.  Ok, so that last one isn't much of an outing, but I'm trying hard to convince Mia that it's fun.  She enjoyed it too, at least until she tried to uproot the rose bush.

For those who are braver, and perhaps temporarily child-free, the Post had some other great suggestions for off-the-beaten-Mall destinations in the D.C. area.  Check it out, you may even decide to spend the next long weekend in town.  In which case, you wanna come over and help me weed?

Beth whines a lot at so the fish said... and Diary of a Playgroup Dropout.


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