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September 04, 2007

"Moore" Outdoor Activities for Fall

Farmer Every once in a while, but especially after seeing images of a beautiful place such as this, I get the itch.  The itch to pack it up, pack it in, leave the congestion and the high cost of living to escape to somewhere back Up North, or as it's commonly knows, Down East.  But then I remember things like, oh, the cost of heating oil and that little thing commonly referred to as "a short growing season."  And then I realize that I'm not going any where.  But in a good way.

I think places like Maine and Massachusetts appeal to my senses because for me they evoke memories of the outdoors.  Pebbly beaches, day trips to the tide pools in Gloucester and walks around Walden Pond.  As a parent, I want to provide my children with these same "outdoor opportunities" and although I may give NoVa a hard time, there are plenty of outdoor venues that are indeed great outdoor memory makers.

For three years now, my family and I have had a membership to the Claude Moore Colonial Farm in McLean, just a hop, skip, and a jump over the fence (although I would not recommend it) from the CIA Headquarters.  Step back in time to the late 1700s when poor farmers were trying to scrabble out a living growing tobacco.  Reanactors will answer your questions (don't be afraid of them) and on certain weekends you can help them wash laundry or spin and dye wool for knitting.  And what are you doing on September 9th, 2007? Consider yourself cordially invited to an 18th Century wedding.  Last fall, Green Husband, Sprout, Pip and I danced and sang around the apple orchard, all the while hitting apple trees with sticks and pleading with them to please consider providing us with another bountiful harvest in the season to come.

Kids of any age will like Claude Moore Colonial Farm because they can see hogs, turkeys, and geese close up (maybe a little too close up - those geese like to socialize!), take their time walking the paths and fields, and stare at the reenactors as they cook breakfast over the open hearth.  DC Moms will like Claude Moore Colonial Farm because a family membership is just $35 for an entire year (although, bummer, the  check-in is located in the Gift Shop smack dab in the middle of all. those. toys. right. at. eye-level.), the farm is mostly shaded for any lingering hot days of summer, and there is just something nice about simple, manageable outdoor outing that makes you wonder why you don't do them more often.

Amy blogs about her other attempts to get herself a little bit greener at Gift of Green.


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