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September 20, 2007

Confessions of a Blog-Husband

JP, DC Metro Mom KC's husband, makes a rare blog-showing in honor of Testosterone Day.

Kc I have two confessions that I’ve been saving for this special day.   The first is that when KC initially told me of her interest in starting a blog around 2 years ago, I had mixed feelings.  They were mostly positive, since a blog seemed like an opportunity for her to express her phenomenal creativity and wit (two of the things that first attracted me to her), and I was curious about what would come out.  But my feelings on blogging in general were not so positive.  Most blogs I had come across (admittedly not many) seemed like pure narcissism (How could the world not be interested in my unremarkable perspective on the mundane daily happenings of my entirely typical life!) or popularity contests (Oh you are soooo funny!  Now please read my blog.)

I’m not surprised that my wife has managed to pull off an entirely engaging blog – clever, hilarious, and deep (in just the right proportions).  It seems to me that a challenge for “mommy bloggers” is to be unique – to stand apart from the hordes who seem essentially to be writing the same blog  – while not becoming so idiosyncratic that no one else can relate.  I think she does this by showing us that the stuff of everyday family and professional life can be funny, deeply significant, disturbing, etc; it just depends on your perspective.  Most importantly, it depends on your willingness to take a perspective; that is, to think about what you’re doing and feeling, and about what’s happening around you.

My second confession is that my favorite KC posts are the ones in which I’m the one, specifically, who is shown a new perspective (how’s that for narcissism?).  The pictures that show our daughterJolie and me that I didn’t know were taken, like from behind when we we’re walking together or when she’s looking at me and I don’t know it; the things that happen while I’m away on business travel; what it’s like when she is the randomly selected parent to hear the new word or phrase.  I read the blog because it’s funny, but also, and primarily, because it reminds me how precious our family is, even when I’m not watching.

KC's personal blog is at Where's My Cape.


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