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September 06, 2007

An Open Letter to the Presidential Candidates--From a Mom

Election Dear Presidential Contenders:

Let me start off by saying I know you're busy.  There are coffee shops in NH to visit, farmers in Iowa to shake hands with, unions to woo and a fundraiser or two on your schedule.  And while all of these events are indeed important, I'm hoping YOU (not your spouses--as lovely as they are) can find some time between now and next November to come chat with some moms.  You remember us, right?  We're those swing voters who can make or break you on Election Day.

To make it easy on you, I'd be happy to host the meeting at my house.  You might have to watch out for the stray matchbox car or play catch with my sons in the front yard before you leave, but it's right outside DC and would be convenient when you're in town.  Let me know when you can make it and I'll get the other DC Metro Moms to be here as well.   

This invitation is open to all of the viable candidates, regardless of political party.  I haven't made up my mind who to support and this would really help me get to know you better.  I think it would be beneficial to you too.  Women, as I'm sure you know, are more likely to be registered to vote and we visit the polls more often then men.  As mothers, we are concerned about a broad range of issues including security, education, the economy, health care, the environment and social security.  You see between worrying about our children and our parents we have the needs of the entire nation in mind.   

I'd invite you each personally, but I don't have your numbers and I'd probably have to get through a staffer or two.  As a mom, I just don't have that kind of time.  I imagine you can relate.

Feel free to contact me at mammaloves at gmail dot com, and we can set something up.  If my schedule's light, I might even have time to put out some snacks--healthy ones of course.

PS--If DC isn't convenient, I have friends in CA and Chicago who would be happy to meet with you and report back to us here. 


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