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May 26, 2009

Too Young for Reality

-4  The recession has certainly affected our house, but one of our residents is too young to notice - our three-year-old son. It's near impossible to explain to a toddler that you're not going out for dinner tonight, or to turn the water off the hose so we don't run up the water bill, or that we can't buy every last Matchbox car at the toy store.

That's how we're cutting back in these difficult economic times. We're by no means suffering economically, but we're trying to weed out the little things that add up - eating out for lunch, running energy unnecessarily, and shopping less. The last one is hardest on me (a self-proclaimed shopping addict) for sure, but I've found that a three-year-old doesn't care if his grilled cheese comes from daddy making it or from Costello's.

I'm not actively trying to avoid a money conversation with my son, but I'm also not actively trying to discuss it. Something I've learned from having a child is that I'll do anything to protect him from bad news or bad things. It's not entirely realistic, but he doesn't need to know that tons of lawyers have been laid off from their jobs like his daddy's or that our stock portfolio has lost a significant percentage of its value.

In general, we are one of the extremely lucky ones. We haven't had to change our overall lifestyle drastically. But we're still doing our part to conserve, because we don't know when the other shoe may drop. Fortunately, when you're three, the only shoe that can drop is your own. And that's how it should be, I think.

Original to Chicago Moms Blog Post. Sara is trying to live a more frugal and balanced lifestyle and writes about it on her blog, Self-Made Mom.


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