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November 08, 2008

Stop Hoochifying our Girls!

Even before I had my daughter, I am always sick to my stomach when I see and read about the portrayal of today’s societal media forces on young girls. From consumer brands, fashion magazines, print ads, TV shows and commercials, it is almost impossible to run from this. And no matter what cave you hide from, our children are subjected and exposed to the degradation of self-esteem and morality.

First let me start with the obvious.  Bratz Toys. The name itself bother me. Why do I see parents even allowing their children with this? I see children that idolize these creatures that look like street walkers. You didn’t notice? Thigh-high boots and fishnet stockings were a shoe-in on that one.  Never mind the blood red lipstick and glittery make-up to complete the hoochy ensemble. When going to Target for some toys, I avoid that specific aisle at all cost. But just when I thought it was safer to go for Barbie, Mattel supposedly came up with a Dominatrix Barbie. Forget suggestive sexualizations, go for the gold and call it by what it is!

With these irresponsible companies around, I think parents have a harder job in teaching girls to value themselves for who they are, rather than how they look. And how can I effectively teach my boys to value women with respect and not as sexual objects when they are all equally bombarded with these images everywhere.

And I'm sure you've heard that Paris Hilton is on the look out for a new BFF on MTV. What teen girl doesn’t watch MTV?  I cringe when I see Paris Hilton say “Game On Bitches!” on every commercial break to promote her show.

For parents who have young girls already on the net, have you heard of the game site called MissBimbo.com? The object of the game is to simply "make it to the top of the Bimbo World" by challenging other bimbos on who has the most trendsetting clothes and who has the most handsome boyfriend while keeping up the social starlet status. Was Paris Hilton on the loose with her millions to build an online character nemesis?

A few months back Beyonce’s fashion clothing called Dereon had an ad campaign of girls wearing high heels.  Did she not think that this is harmful to our little girls who adore her?  But beside Beyonce, why did the people behind the shoot who dressed these girls, took their pictures, and edited the photos, went merrily along with the whole process?  Could they be childless people?  But for sure they are brothers, sisters, and children of women!

How about starting them young by giving your little babies some crib heels.  Yes, heels. Heelarious.com the maker of these baby heels claim that it is for novelty and not to be taken seriously. Seriously?! What next?  Thongs and padded bras for kids? Oh, I'm sorry. That too has been out on the market already.

I am livid, disheartened and worried and I know that I am not the only one.  How do you deal with this in your family?

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