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October 08, 2008

My so-called digital life

Contrary to what a lot of my friends believe, I actually have a lot to do away from my computer. After all, the laundry needs to be done, the kids to be fed, and the house needs cleaning.  But there are certainly days when a couple of hours are needed to dedicate in just getting stuff done tinkering in my laptop.

I’m not really talking about the productivity suckers like Twitter (cough) and Facebook (cough cough), and not even about keeping up with the numerous blogs I currently run or write for. I’m talking about simple things like paying the bills online, answering emails from friends, writing emails to my son’s teacher, canvassing for a good travel deal, making a doctor’s appointment, etc…

Just sitting in front of the computer can now do those mundane tasks that were normally done by running around. I can easily cross off a whole to-do-list rapidly fast and sometimes without a single hitch. And this is where the whole problem starts. Because of the easy accessibility to anything in the Internet, I have become my own little monster.

Quite naturally, I have developed this very high expectation on others for quick responses and reactions.  I mean after all, isn’t that what our smart phones such as  iPhones and Blackberries are for?  Why else would you want instant access to Internet other than be available to reach at any time.

Gone are those days when the Internet was just my source of entertainment in our household. Nowadays, the Internet is my daily source of life support. Calendars are synchronized between husband, kids, and work. Twitter and Facebook report on my daily play-by-play. And I simply manage to not drown in my pool of email and virtual communities.

How are you living your digital life?

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