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September 19, 2008

Green Makes Me Blue

What I am about to say may cause some people wanting to throw me down and trample on me over and over again.  But what the hey, go ahead and take a stab.  Maybe (only maybe) this time I will finally get it. 

Okay, here it is.  I am the most wasteful person I know! <ducking> My family and I probably make more carbon footprints than any of you Moms and your families reading this combined. <ducking and checking to see if coast is clear>  I think the whole “green” thing got people on the bandwagon because it is a big fad! <ducking, running away, and now running back holding a white flag>

There, I said it.  But before you start sending me those hate mails, please let me explain.

I admit.  I have a problem.  But the problem with that problem is that I have way too many problems if I don’t do whatever I normally do.  Yes, I'm spoiled. Anything that inconvenience me just won't cut it. Like for example, diapers.  There is no way in hell you will get me to use cloth. Eew. And besides, I have way too much laundry as it is. Flushable diapers?  Yeah, I’ve heard of G flushable diapers.  But do I have the time to really shred with a walking time bomb of a toddler?  Who would fix or pay for my sewer pipes if it ever gets clogged?  And did you know that those plastic grocery bags are great to use for disposing each single diaper on?

If you noticed, there were 4 of what I think are very reasonable reasons to just one topic I brought up. I haven’t even begun to talk about paper towels, tissues, water bottles, house cleaners, SUV and family van gas consumption, organic food, and the list can go on. And I won’t even tell you how much of those we go through every single day.

About green being a fad part, well  I guess because everything green sounds so cool.  And it seems like people are over using it like it is some form of another accessory or label like being fabulous, and smart, and now green.  This is written in sarcasm, but don’t you see some truth to this? I have to add that there are people out there who are truly living this lifestyle to its true form. Just like the 2 women I am about to mention below.

When you are surrounded with great close friends like Jen aka EcoChic and Geraldine aka Jane of all Trades who in my book are the “Most Green” people I know, it is really hard not to feel blue.

Just recently Jen who runs the ChicagoSmartGreenFamilies.com was featured in a local ABC news (again!) showing kids how to recycle and reuse old crayons. And Geraldine, well she has worms, soil, and composting bins in her basement. She also plants her own vegetables too. Ugh. They both equally make me feel blue. Actually all the green people in the world make me feel blue.

Why feel blue? Because I can't do what they do.

I envy them. All of the green people of this world including Julia Roberts. You all know how green she is right? And who doesn't envy her anyway?  So, is there a support group for pathetic spoiled Moms like me? Where do I begin? How? And who can help me jump-start myself from being blue to green?

Let the hate mails begin…

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