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July 10, 2008

Aaaaaaar! Pirate Talk

MjYar! I need me grog!  What, you don’t talk pirate?  Ok, in plain English – Yes, I need some alcohol-after-a-whole-hour-with-a-bunch-of–bratty-kids…er... I mean pirates.

That aaar became more like an aaaargh.  Today I took my boys to see Emerald Theatre Production's “How I Became A Pirate” musical based on the book and I have to remind myself next year to hold off on kid theatre shows until fall.  I'm an avid musical theatre fan so my kids naturally enjoy it because they have been seeing shows since they were wee ones.  We frequent a lot of children’s company production shows all over Chicagoland and even threw my son a big birthday party inviting his entire preschool class and family to watch Disney's Aladdin the musical. My boys couldn't stop talking about it, and it shows how much our kids love live theatre. But I just realized that this was the first time we actually went during summer. And after today, we will never do that as a "summer-thing-to-do" again. Ever!

The theatre was filled with 3 (or maybe 4) really big groups of summer campers.  You would think that after seeing Lincoln Avenue in front of Apollo Theatre lined up with a couple of those yellow school busses that I would’ve figured what we were in for.  I was so oblivious with all the commotion since I was excited for my boys to watch the show based on a book they love.  We got there early to go to the will-call window for our tickets.  And then as we were about to line up to get seated, the once empty lobby all of the sudden was filled with kids and noise to the max. Holy Cow! Because we took a quick few minutes for the restroom, we ended having to get seated only after the 2 big groups by the entrance. Once we were seated I looked around the theater that seems to only sit 600 and counted that there were probably only 30 (ok maybe 40, but we were clearly outnumbered)who are non-summer campers. You can tell because the campers wore matching t-shirts.

Behind my boys and I sit a group of campers who were boisterous and at times equaled the actors' amplified voices.  Their adult chaperone couldn’t care less with their feet resting on the back of our seats or sometimes on my hair. The constant kicking on the back of my chair got to me the most. Actually, I am normally very tolerant of kids misbehaving around me, but I had to turn around a couple of times to say please stop kicking. Almost begging. You would think the chaperone will at least say something or anything at all.  But no!  Nothing.  Actually she was the epitome of peace as she watches the violent sea of annoying little pirates.  I think Ms. Chaperone even enjoyed the show.  I heard her little laughter here and there and yes I was quite jealous. I hate that it made me feel like I was being a bitch by having to turn around and kept giving the evil mommy eyes when the begging didn't work.  That evil eye-ing gave me a headache on the end. So I gave up on the evil eye-ing.  I think at that point they were just taunting me already.

Beside all that, you should see the bathroom go-ers that leave and enter in a pack!  All at different times during the entire show.  It was truly distracting.  And the worst of all, the show was 15 minutes late (15 minutes felt like an hour being canned in this situation) and was even forced.  The doors closed, the lights dimmed, and the actor jumping up and down to get everyone’s attention to sit down and pay attention to him. Really!

The show was great, the actors were awesome…but the experience SUCKED! Aaaaargh to the 10th power! Now that's Mommy Talk.

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