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March 21, 2008

The day before...

111_2Dunh, dunh, DUNNNNNHHHH!!! (insert scary intro music there...)

The day has arrived. The last day of school before spring break! I am standing at the edge of the cliff (well, sitting at a computer drinking coffee, actually...) and feeling all of those emotions that one must feel if one were to actually jump off of a cliff. Which, you know, I never have. Don't intend to, either, but I HAVE done a bungee swing and flying catapult thing... but I digress...

I am thrilled that I have a week off from the homework, the early rising, the morning scramble to get out the door. The pick ups, drop offs, "do you have your homework?"'s... A week of chilling in our jammies, going on day trips, playing outside, a less rigid schedule... A break for them is a break for ME!

However. I am not a complete fool. I know the dark side that accompanies these privileges...

I know that this week will also hold more whining, fighting, and tears.

Someone will get physically injured. It's a given.

The house will be a wreck by day 2. (ok, ok. It's a wreck right now, so who am trying to kid?)

Somehow, each child will get bored 427 times. Though each child is surrounded by countless toys and 2  siblings. Not to mention a neighborhood full of friends...

The weather will not cooperate. Perhaps, if I just accept right now that our trip to Brookfield Zoo will be cancelled at the last minute, then I won't be disappointed when we're staring out the window with our lunches packed and the wind whipping the rain sideways...

And yet. And yet.... I am still giddy at the thought of a week of no school!! Clearly, I am caffeine deprived. Perhaps it's for the best, though. If I were sitting here, dreading the week ahead, surely it would be a self-fulfilling prophecy. Hopefully, sitting here all wistful and excited over a week with my babies, will keep the sun out, the whining to a minimum and food off of the floor.

One can always hope, right?

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