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February 19, 2008

Lots of blogs, so little time

AmyMy toddler and I were kicked down big time last week with major flu-like colds.  Seems like when that happens, I just completely lose all interest in being a human being.  I'd much rather just become a statue and not be bothered.  I just want to curl up on the couch with my tea and close my eyes.  But then there's my Google Reader.  It's always right there, staring at me saying, "Read me, Amy.  Come on, you know you HAVE to."  Notice I didn't type "want" to.  Because more or less, reading blogs has become a chore for me.  1, 4, 10, 48...the unread posts all start adding up and the more overwhelmed I get.  I feel like I'm being "unfair" (to God-knows who) if I only skim past the list of posts in my Reader.  I don't dare mark them as "read" if I haven't even skimmed them.  My mind might self-destruct if I do that.

Then there are the comments.  Oh, the comments.  How I love to leave them and read them.  I like to leave my "mark", if you will, on the post letting my friends and acquaintances know that I've been there.  I've read what you had to say.  You made me laugh.  You made me cry.  Here are my two cents.

I've gone back and forth with my precious Reader, adding and deleting blog subscriptions.  My dear friend's blogs get my most personal attention.  I love following what they've done on a regular basis.  Then there are the kid's music and mp3 blogs, the collaborative moms blogs (my sorority), the recall lists, the photography blogs and so on.  Oh, let me not forget to mention my newest love, the RIMarkable blog.  I've been drooling over my new red BlackBerry 8310 Curve and am obsessed with all things Smartphone right now (more on that later).

Ah, before I get off on a tangent about my love of technology I'll sum up this post.  In a nutshell, I read blogs like they are the daily news.  Instead of paying for a subscription to the Chicago Tribune or Naperville Sun, I log into my Google Reader and peer into the lives of people I know on a more personal basis.  Now I just have to learn how not to let a week go by without staying caught up with my Reader because it's going to take me at least a day to catch up on what I've missed.

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