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January 14, 2008

Lament Of A Multi-Tasker

Bd19911_ I used to find it an attribute that I was such a die-hard multi-tasker. Probably could hang with the best, as I am never doing just one thing at a time. Not even in my sleep- even then I'm consoling or nursing a child. Or dreaming of what I'll do as soon as I wake up. I thought it was genius to make use of all the spare time floating around out there. Clean the bathroom while the kids are in the tub. Scrub the shower while, um, I'm taking a shower. Write Thank Yous, fold laundry, and straighten up the living room while the boys do their homework. I can successfully blog (and I've lost track at how many blogs I even have now), answer emails, talk on the phone, & watch TV all at once. Something I should be proud of? It seemed to make sense.

I realized that as much as I am able to accomplish, what I did get done didn't have much heart in it. It's that whole quantity vs. quality thing. It can get ya every time.

So this morning I've decided to perform a test. Instead of catching up on my shows and drilling spelling words while I do the dishes. I just did the dishes. Then I drilled the spelling words. One thing at a time I keep saying to myself all day long. Now is the time I'm allowing myself to blog- and only blog- without checking emails (IM is turned off) or anything else. ONE and only one window is open on my screen right now. Not sure the last time that has happened.

It's only been a few hours, but so far I feel like I've gotten more done than usual. Doesn't seem possible, but I feel like I've completed more and can actually finish what's still left on my to-do list instead of being incredibly overwhelmed by the zillion things that still need to be done. I'll be honest, this is very difficult. I feel the shakes coming on when I think about doing only one thing at a time. Sounds so long and drawn out. But the fast pace was taking a toll on me. I think it's time to take it slow. Quiet is good. Breathing is good. Thinking clearly is very good. What's the big rush anyway?

Find Steph trying to slow it down over at Adventures In Babywearing.


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