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January 15, 2008

This Is All New To Me!

I used to travel every other week for work, and lived in hotels a lot so traveling and traveling preparations has always been a piece of cake for me. I was always ready to leave on an instant’s notice. I’ve even shopped around that lifestyle. I made sure to always buy clothes that are easy to travel on and with, but still end up looking well put together.

Although life has changed a lot for us, we still travel at least 3-5x a year. Now with 3 kids (one of which is still an infant) and 2 adults, my husband is surprised that I still managed to pack just one good-sized luggage for everything we need on a 2-week trip. He of course credited my so-expertise in packing. And even I thought that was an incredible feat as well. But really ----- packing this time around was quite stressful for me.

You see we’ve just added a little girl into our mix of 2 little boys. Packing wasn’t this crazy with the boys, but packing for a girl? Oh Geez! Suddenly more chaos and confusion attacked my brain (or whatever is left of it). Before packing, I made mental notes of what she needed. Now I must pack the matching bows, and tights, shoes, etc…etc…It all became too much. I can’t even begin to rationalize packing anymore. I came up with 3 pair of shoes, 5 pair of tights, her entire collection of hairclippies (just because you never know), 5 pajamas, 3 dressy dresses (we might decide an impromptu ball?), 12 tops, 12 matching bottoms, and about 5 sweaters or vest to complete her ensemble. I said to myself – this is ridiculous! I decided to downsize, but none of it happened. 50% of our luggage contents actually belonged to my 10-month-old baby girl!

Now this brings me back to the first time I received my ultimate dream job in the Fashion Industry. This was of course way before thoughts of having kids were even in the radar. I was to fly to NY for 3 days, 2 nights and meet up with my new bosses along with the designer herself. I was so excited and couldn’t begin to figure out what to wear or bring to my first meeting. Needless to say, I packed almost my entire closet. Ok, I’m exaggerating. But it sure does look like I did when I mistakenly decided to have the car service drop me off at the office first instead of leaving my gargantuan of a luggage in my hotel. Every single person I met in the office noticed my luggage like it is a big mole on the tip of my nose and one even asked if I was moving in NY. I sure made quite an entrance, because according to a co-worker of mine I was remembered by all - as the big suitcase girl. I still cringe to this day when I think of that past scenario.

Having had experienced an embarrassing moment like that, you would think that I have learned to not overdo things for my daughter. Out of the dozen outfits I brought to NY, I only wore 1/3 of it. And my daughter wore only the 12 tops and matching bottoms, and use only one pair out of the 3 pairs I brought throughout the whole 2 weeks. Having a girl is all so new to me.

Can any experienced traveler mom of girls give out some tips on how to do this? Because really – I’m afraid if I don’t get help now, then she may just cross her “Overzealous Mom” off the list when it comes to planning her wedding one day.

MJ aka Sugarmama also blogs at I Want A Little Sugar In My Bowl.


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