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December 05, 2007

You can't light 'em if you got 'em!

Duke_logo_2 I have been looking forward to January 1, 2008 for a long time. How long? Since the smoking ban was announced a few years ago. Sure, Indiana is mocking us for passing it, but that's Indiana. I don't go out gambling very often anyway. BUT the times that I have gone, I've stuck with the non-smoking floor, which isn't as exciting as the smoking floor. So that blows a small hole in the theory that non-smoking floors are dead because you can't smoke. Um, no...why not put a craps table down there too?

But this isn't about gambling. This is about EATING OUT! I can NOT wait until one Wednesday night when we don't want to cook and think, "Oh, Duke of Perth would be perfect!" and we won't have to try to get in there early before the mob of smokers descend  on the place. 

The business community keeps harping about how smokers will stay home or head to Wisconsin or Indiana to eat, drink, and gamble. I say, see ya!

So Chicago Mamas...I say this to you. After the smoke clears, take the kids out to eat somewhere you couldn't before because of the clouds of smoke.  I figure if a single smoker does stay home, but a family of 3-4 hit the restaurant, we'll more than replace that "lost" revenue. Of course, I don't condone hitting Martini Park with a Baby Bjorn. Plus they're over priced. And at 32, I'm way too old for that place. Here's my small list of places, do you have some?

Veronica's Smoke-Free Restaurant Hit List:
1. Duke of Perth (OMG, I miss their fish fry since becoming a mama!)
2. Sluggers (It's a tradition to hit this place before Cubs games.)
3. Chief O'Neill's (I don't recall it being too smoky, but we've been playing it safe)


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