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November 01, 2007

Jenny, Enough

JennyOkay, I get it...you're son is cured. We all get it. But have you ever considered that some of our kids aren't? No matter what we do?

Have you ever considered that perhaps your son is cured because all you see are the good days, the good hours, the time not spent with the nanny?

Jenny McCarthy, I've had about enough of the actress turned autism spokesperson and the New McCarthyism . It is not just because of the vaccine issue. It is because reality for you is nothing like reality for the rest of us and I don't think you get it. I heard you on Eric and Kathy this week talk about how you personally called up the American Academy of Pediatrics President and spoke to him. I sure wish I could do that. 

Mommyhood has it right when she states "You know what the reality is for the rest of us, honey? It’s struggling to make ends meet because the health care bills are piling up. Struggling to find another speech therapist because the previous one wasn’t working out. Struggling to fill out paperwork to get more therapy, only to have to endure a 10 month wait list. Struggling to keep our jobs because we’re missing work due to yet another problem at home. We’re lucky if we can get some time to ourselves. We sure as hell don’t get to do an all expenses paid multi-city book and media tour."

We're tired. We're overworked (by our kids). We're struggling to do everything just to make it all work out by the end of the day and have a moment to relax and have a moment to ourselves. We don't get to sit on the beach with our favorite "Autism Whisperer" while our son sleeps at home with the nanny.

I believe in some of the things you say (the biomedical treatments)...I've even written about it. And, I believed in you at first but its gotten way out of hand. Especially since you parade around promoting your book without your son.

Why not go on Oprah with your son? Why the need to be a Bunny in Vegas for Autism fund raising? Why the Kai Vodka cocktail party to raise money for Autism? Obviously they are great ways to make money but how about an event WITH your son?

I spend my entire day with my son (minus his 4 hours at school) and it gets tiresome on days when he is not feeling well, on days when he just wants to stim, on days when he is angry, grumpy, or just not there.

But, I can't give up or retreat. I can't send him to the nanny or drop him off at grandma's because I simply want to. I can't give him the best, most expensive doctors in the country because frankly, I have to stay home with him. Must be nice to have millions and be able to speak freely to anyone.

I have to keep on. Most of us have to stay home and battle tantrums and deal with supplements all day. What about you? 

Portions of this are cross-posted from Discussing Autism where Marcie writes about her daily adventures with her son.


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