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November 09, 2007

Do You Believe in Magic?

MagicC'mon, I know you are singing along and just can't remember the next line.  It's okay though...I can't either.  The Chicago public library (CPL) has a lot going for it.  Of course it has some downsides too...what organization doesn't.  However, every once in a while they hit the jackpot.  For example, CPL offers free passes to over a dozen of the most popular, and some you may have not heard of, museums in Chicago.  That means you don't have to shell out some insane amount for parking in addition to an entrance fee.  Even better is ...

it's usually good for 8 people or two families, in most cases.  Another great feature to the CPL is its family programming.  Now, every branch is different.  For example, my branch is frustratingly closed on Sundays....a perfect day for a family to enjoy the library in the winter.   However, my branch has a wonderful story hour for all different ages all through the week at various times.  This is such a popular gathering that the librarian has had to offer a waiting list.  My own working parent guilt has found that this is a great activity to point my sitter and 2 year old towards...a win win for us all. 

Tonight was another great program.  They brought in a wonderful magician.  My oldest is VERY into magic these days.  He even chose to dress like Merlin the Magician for Halloween.  At 5, he is still appropriately mystified by a magician.  Lately he has been asking me for magician words.  I wasn't exactly sure why other than chalking it up to his repeated request of, "Mom, what does S*T*O*P (or insert some other arrangement of letters) spell?"  However, I understood why he needed to know several variations of these magical lexicons.  At bedtime, he put a small toy under a towel and then dramatically waved his hands while reciting whatever magic words he could remember and then jumped back to see the results.  It was hard to keep a straight face while also trying not to cry.  He said, "Mom, it's not working, I'll never be able to do Magic"  He, logically, thought that by saying the abracadabras and the Violas that the magic would happen.  I can't blame him...that's what magicians do.  How could I have been so dense?  Part of me wants to protect the magic and not ruin it with the harsh reality of the "trick".  Part of me wants to empower him with the truth.  I wish I had a magic ball for the answer.

What magic do you protect and perhaps prolong from your kids finding out?


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