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September 20, 2007

Wrapped around her little finger

My beautiful wife Amy thought that I should take a little break from reviewing the next big band over at my own music blog Can You See the Sunset... and contribute something here.

So today was a beautiful, crisp day here in the Western 'burbs.  I was home early and decided it would be nice to take our O.O.C. (out of control) 23 month old daughter on a little jog.  She usually just talks up a storm and points out clouds, cars, bunnies, dogs, and says that the sun in in her eyes.  After about 10 minutes, I realized that she was being awfully quiet.  I stopped running and looked down at her only to find

that she was fast asleep. There were cars rushing by, bumps of the curb as the sidewalk crossed the street and dogs barking behind almost every fence we passed.  I was amazed that she was still asleep.  She never sleeps anywhere but her crib and occasionally in the car if it is really late.  Today, however, she fell asleep under the bright afternoon sun with the jarring movement of the stroller and the hum of traffic lulling her to sleep.  It was (however) probably only because she didn't take her usual nap for the third day in a row.  Unbelievable.

She is a crazy, whiny, demanding little girl that thinks she knows everything about the world and thinks that she is the boss.  Whether it is her mommy holding her, a popsicle or just watching a movie; she wants everything her way.  Amy and I have been putting our proverbial feet down lately and Hailey is struggling with the realization that she can't get everything she wants right when she wants it.  It is something I'm sure all of you parents out there have battled at some point or another as your kids begin to become more self aware.  We actually felt it was necessary to put the missing rail back on her "big girl bed" so that she wouldn't crawl out and bring every accessible stuffed animal in her room (including two that are bigger than she is) into her bed, giving her no room to lay down.

These are just the ups and downs of being a parent.  It is hard to stay frustrated and mad for long when she looks up at her daddy with her big eyes and asks for me to hold her.  It hard not to smile when she laughs that infectious laugh and smiles and says, "Luff you" before she goes to bed.  It is impossible to love this little terror any more than we do.

*Eric reviews music and blogs at Can You See the Sunset and DapperDads
Amy M. reviews parenting and kid's stuff at MumsTheWurd! and blogs about life with a toddler at LadyBug Picnic


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