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September 08, 2007

Collegiate Mom

MjMy decision to go back to school this fall didn’t come easy. After all, I just recently decided to fold my business of 6 years and not to mention that I have 2 grade schoolers and a breastfeeding infant girl at home. It has also been about 17 years now since I last stepped in a college campus and I’m not sure if I still have it in me. In an attempt to not overwhelm myself – I decided to just take on some basic courses to get myself acclimated all over again. I'm excited and yet scared of this new (not-so-new) experience. So far I’ve had 2 weeks of school. And boy, things definitely changed! 

Here are some of my take on today's college students:

  • Every other kid walking to class gets recharged with those white ear cords that are attached to a gadget called Ipod. Unless they are hooked, they can’t seem to walk straight. It has something to do with their equilibrium. Wearing both ear piece is a must. One ear piece unhooked, then they may hear the person passing by them talking on their cell. And that is just plain wrong.
  • Class lectures are always being interrupted by some rap music from someone’s pocket. It is out of the ordinary to hear a soothing or relaxing music because frankly, they won’t feel pimpin’ cool without the upbeat bass vibes.
  • Everyone has to take a break to text or call someone. I mean - what else is there to do for the remaining few minutes besides the quick water and potty break? To talk to your classmate sitting beside you is just so 80s you know!
  • Notebooks are now mostly replaced by a laptop. Everyone types away as the teacher yaps. If only the teacher knows that they are busy with IMs. Actually no -- the school’s wifi blocked all IM use. Now how did I know that? Oh yeah, they haven’t blocked Facebook just yet. Not that I was checking. Ok, maybe just a little. Are Carpal Tunnel Syndromes on the rise?
  • Teacher handouts can only be downloaded directly from the Instructor’s site. Don’t know how to unzip files? Then consider yourself lost.

I think it is truly amazing how students today can manage to divert their attention from one thing to another with all these modern disturbances technologies. I know if these were around 20 years ago --- I would’ve never passed a class!

-------- MJ aka Sugarmama also blogs @ http://wantsugar.blogspot.com


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