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September 20, 2007

Because She Said Yes

A simple list was all it took to start off our perfect life together.

Guests read “31 Reasons why Eric Loves Marcie” to my wife at our rehearsal dinner. She was shocked and amazed. Some were funny, some were serious, and some were shrouded in dirty innuendos that only she and I knew. Each one was crafted with love and humor but each was meant to capture a moment in time and to let her know how much I really cared.

Man, how life has changed since then. We set off with the perfect plan for life;

family, schedules, dreams. The whole world was under our control.

Two moves, three  houses, one dog, one cat, a masters degree (hers not mine), four car purchases, countless home projects, several major injuries (not related to home projects), trips around the world, and THEN we decided to start the family.  Then it was the ... failure to start a family, a new job, infertility treatments, adoption paperwork, two trips to Russia to finally start our family, unending issues with our new son, the loss of my father to cancer, a move home to Chicago, starting my MBA and non-stop business travel.

Things have all added up to a COMPLETE LOSS OF CONTROL!

For me, this is totally unacceptable. I am, of course, the master of my domain and constantly in control of my environment.  Many colleagues describe me as the “Poster child for organization”, “The Golden Child”, “Mr. Prepared”, or “Swami” (this one I have not figured out yet). Marcie calls it OCD because it drives her crazy at home but what my colleagues don’t realize is the pure chaos behind the scenes. My  life is held together by a large roll of duct tape.

How do I hold it together? I don’t really.  I look for little pieces of joy in each day; a funny story about what AJ did, hearing that Marcie is having a great day, closing a sale, dreaming about a hot rod project, racing in the next triathlon, or that certain look from Marcie are what make the chaos worth meeting again tomorrow.

We may fight about priorities, money, blogging, sex, and all the endless list of standard marriage quarrels. Our perfect plans for life, family, schedules and dreams may have all been chucked out the window. But the one thing that remains the same ……

I can still keep adding to the list that our friends and family read to her the night before we married;

32. ….. Because she puts up with me and my “issues”

33.….. Because she makes me a better person

34.….. Because she is a great mother, wife, and friend.

But mostly, its because she said yes. Even when it meant sitting in a swarm of mosquitoes a bit longer while I drummed up the courage to ask her to take this crazy ride through life together.

Written by Eric, who made Marcie sit in a swarm of mosquitoes in order to work up the courage to pull out the toilet paper wrapped ring out of his pocket. Marcie writes about their escapades with their Russian cutie at My Two Boys.


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