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September 02, 2007

An open invitation to Senator and Ms. Obama

Obamainvite Please join the Chicago Moms Blog contributors for an evening of political discourse at the date and time of your choice. Call it campaigning if you will, but we’d like to talk with you. Our intent is not to debate whether your daughters should be on the campaign trail with you. We don’t want to discuss how you punish your daughters or how long (or if) they were breastfed, we want to talk issues and agendas- the future of our country.

As our blog readers know, the Chicago Moms Blog contributors do not have a unified voice, nor do we have a unified political agenda. But as mothers, citizens, voters we all have concerns:

Some of us send our kids to public schools, others in our group have pulled kids out of public schools in favor of private schools and still others have turned to homeschooling. But it’s fair to say we’re all concerned about education.*

We have concerns about safety. We want safe toys for our children, safe food for our tables, clean water for drinking, cooking and, as any Chicagoan hopes, swimming. 

We have concerns about health care. We want safe vaccines, we want health insurance that works. We don’t want to have to choose between paying our monthly mortgage and our monthly health insurance premiums.

We have concerns about the war, the environment, Medicare, Social Security, the list goes on.

Senator Obama, the issues feel so big and I feel so small. Please join me and my blogmates and share a bit of your audacious hope. Give us a chance to share our political passions, engage in the political process, and inspire our readers to do the same.

Have your people contact my people. Scratch that, my people are rather temperamental and often forget to give me messages anyway. You can respond to me via this blog or send an email to info@chicagomomsblog.com. Oh yes, and tell your supporter Oprah, she's welcome to come along, too!

Kim also blogs at Hormone-colored Days and Scrambled CAKE.

* Yes, some of these links our to our sister sites. Maybe we can stream our get-together to our blogmates in DC and Silicon Valley.

** Elizabeth Edwards met with our sister site, last year.  You can see more about their meetup here.


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